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Classical Guitar Lessons

I provide classical guitar lessons to students of all ages. I offer one-on-one weekly lessons to help you in your musical pursuit, whether you are a new beginner to the guitar, or an experienced player.

You will find my teaching style patient and fun, yet professional and with your best interests in mind. My goals include teaching proper technique, musicality, how to practice effectively, and ultimately, a love for the guitar.

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Schedule a trial lesson

Schedule a 30 minute introductory lesson to see if we would be a good fit.

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Mike has been a true professional and wonderful teacher who has taught/guided/cajoled me into a new creative outlet that I really enjoy.
Michael’s patient manner and sense of humor is important to me as a student and makes for enjoyable weekly sessions. I particularly like his mix of theory based learning and practical, hands on type exercises. For me, that works well. Most importantly, I work full-time and try to balance family/life obligations and I’ve never felt pressurred if there’s a week i have not been able to get as much time-in on the instrument as I would have liked. I am learning at my own pace and that’s critical for me so I stay motivated to play. I play for relaxation and enjoyment and I think Michael brings that mix of strengths into his teaching program.
— BEN H.
Not only is Michael skilled musician and a conscientious and diligent instructor, he is also great with kids. I would highly recommend him to any one wanting to learn to play classical guitar.
If you are looking for a teacher who lays the right foundation and teaches good techniques for classical guitar, Michael is your teacher. Our kids have grown bounds and leaps in the past months with Michael. He connects well with them and instills good discipline.
— JAN V.


What is 'Classical Guitar'?
Classical guitar simply refers to a nylon string guitar, played with the fingers (no pick) encompassing a wide variety of techniques and sounds.

About Me

I love the guitar, particularly the intimate and diverse sounds created with nylon strings. I also love showing others about this amazing instrument and all of it's wonderful capabilities!