What kind of guitar do I need?
A classical, or nylon string guitar. They come in a variety of sizes and finding the best size for you is imperative. Generally you can follow these guidelines:

  • ages 5-8, 1/4 size guitar (440mm - 480mm*)
  • ages 9-11, 1/2 size guitar (530mm - 580mm)
  • ages 12-14, 3/4 or full size (580mm - 615mm)
  • ages 15 & up, 7/8 or full size (615mm - 650mm - I strongly recommend
    adults with small hands or limited flexibility consider a 615mm-640mm scale guitar for ease of playing)
    *Guitars are measured from the saddle to the nut. 
    Size fractions don't reflect scale accurately, and sizes vary with every manufacturer (except ‘full size).

My child is 6 years old - is that too young?
It depends. I've had some 5 year old students who have been ready (physically and mentally), and 8 year old's who weren't. It primarily depends on what their attention span is, and how motivated and interested in music they are. Some kids need a bit more time to develop sufficient fine motor skills to start guitar.

Do you teach adults?
Definitely! I teach students of all ages and levels.

What books do you use?
For total beginners, we start with some basic technical exercises and simple songs, progressing to the RCM books. Supplemental pieces are used when necessary or desired.

Do you travel to student's homes?
No. At this time my schedule is too full to allow me the time to travel to student's homes.

What opportunities are there for performing?
I organize two student recitals every year (spring & fall), and the South Bay Guitar Society has an open mic every month. Masterclasses, guitar festivals and RCM exams are some additional ways to gain experience through critiqued performances.